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who are you..?
  • Development Engineer / Product Developer

  • Production manager

  • Technically responsible 

  • External product developer / engineer

Are you
responsible for...
  • Manufacture of new plastic parts (own production or at suppliers)

  • Product development within budget and time frame

  • Production and product optimization

  • Production planning of purchased plastic components

  • Development projects

  • Purchasing of moulds and plastic parts

Work with…
  • Optimization of products and production

  • Technical advice for your company's customers

  • Presentations for new customers and projects

  • Further development of your company

  • Compliance with KPIs

- Then you have just found the right partner
How can we
help you...
Send mig en gratis E-bog
Jeg har en konkret forespørgsel
Jeg vil gerne have hjælp til produktudvikling og materialevalg

Send me a free E-Book  

I have a query

I would like to help with development

and material selection

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