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A Tech Supply

We are the export-oriented sales organization for Dencker A/S ( and Trend Mould ApS (, which sells injection moulded plastic solutions and tools. 

A Tech Supply is responsible for technical sales and product optimization (DFM); Dencker A/S and Trend Mould ApS are responsible for the production of tools and items. In this way we create optimal solutions for customer-specific parts and system deliveries.



In our state-of-the-art production in Skals and Nyköbing / Mors in Denmark, we produce both injection moulds and prototypes (3D printet, injection moulded or CNC machined). We produce the injection moulded parts in various sizes, from real micro moulding processes to parts in a size of approximately 1 x 1 meter. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we work with tolerances from a few micrometers to simple form fit and function tolerances. Due to the long-standing focus on automation, optimization and efficiency, as well as the primary use of mould inserts, we can offer solutions at very short notice and – even in a worldwide comparison – at extremely competitive prices.


Tool production and Quick Tool insert tools

Both Dencker A/S and Trend Mould ApS produce their moulding tools themselves. In addition to conventional steel and aluminum tools, both companies have for many years focused on insert tools. More than 30 parent moulds and multiple standardized insert sizes form the basis for short delivery times for prototypes, as well as enabling sufficient capacity for series production. Please contact us to learn more about this Quick Tool System.

The tool manufacturing departments have die sinking and wire erosion machines in several sizes, as well as many various turning and milling machines with up to 9 axes. See youtube​.


Micro tools and Micro Injection Moulding

Dencker A/S is one of the leading European producer of micro injection moulds and micro injection parts and has since many years delivered to the medical industry. 


Dencker A/S and Trend Mould ApS have been working together for many years and cover a wide range of requirements for injection moulded parts, especially for complexity, tolerance and component size. Both companies also complement eachother perfectly when it comes to production lot size. That´s why we can produce anything from a few hundred pieces to several million pieces effectively.

We are in close dialogue with our customers from the initial concept phase to the finished product.



The quality of the produced parts and their delivery has always been the foundation of our daily work, and will continue to be the mainstay of our daily business. Dencker A/S is ISO 9001:2015 certified.



Our many years of experience provides the basis for finding optimal solutions for your project. Regardless of the production method, we can offer the best possible solution in a holistic approach.  



We can also supply parts that are not directly suitable from our own production line, by out-sourcing to  our selected partners where we have advantageous conditions. In this way, we ensure the right solution for your project regarding quality, reliability and costs.

Mother companies

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